AYŞE REMMLER//film editor

48 hour film project Utrecht

2 October 2018

Once again we took part in a 48 hour film project. As a team we managed to make the decent horror film "nagalm" which will be released soon. The film was honored with a prize for best actor, and was also nominated for best cinematography, best film, best music and best sounddesign.

Market Screening of Coquille and Schaduwjager at Festival de Cannes

20 May 2018

10 new filmmakers from Limburg and direct surroundings were taken to Festival de Cannes by CineSud for an exclusive training- and networking-program. I am very lucky to have joined this trip. We had a very well received and inspiring screening at the Marché du Film on 17th of May. The Market Screening of the shorts took place in an almost fully packed screening room. Coquille and Schaduwjager were screened among other CineSud productions.

Stille Storm wins 'Best Euregional Film’ at Euregion Film Festival 2018

25 March 2018

The Euregion Film Festival was held 22nd to 25th of March. During this festival the short film Coquille and the short documentary Sammy were screened. Sammy was made for the 148 hour documentary contest hosted by cinesud. During the festival all 148 hour documentaries premiered. Opening the festival and also entering the competition was the film Stille Storm which managed to win the prize for 'Best Euregional Film'.

Coquille wins 8 prizes during the 48 Hour Film project award-show in Eindhoven

10 December 2017

In the weekend of December 1-3 I joined "the a'lpaca team" to work on a 48 hour film project. As the editor, I worked hard during the night of December second and morning of December third. With almost no sleep, we managed to deliver a wonderfully bizarre short film.
On December 9th, the award-show of the 48 hour film project Eindhoven took place. The audience, as well as the jury, appreciated the result. We won 8 prizes and got 5 other nominations including best film and best editing.

3 Films screened during Limburg Film Festival

05 December 2017

The 12th, 13th and 14th of January the 'Limburg Film Festival' will be held. Three films I worked on as an editor will be screened there. The short documentary 'Stephanie & Esther' about the oldest transvestite couple living in the Dutch province of Limburg; The short CineSud Talent Film and directing debut 'Schaduwjager' by Nicole Jachmann, and last but absolutely not least, the 50-minute film 'Stille Storm' directed by Guido Coppis. 'Stille Storm' will be premièring at the Limburg Film Festival and enter the competition, running against films such as ‘Billy’ by Theo Maassen, ‘Limburgia’ by Noël Loozen and ‘Het Zijn Maar Duitsers’ by Bart Hölscher. More info can be found on www.limburgfilmfestival.nl